me: i'm gonna try and achieve more consistency and release a few finished pieces a week!
also me: takes almost the whole week to make one shitty drawing because i kept scrapping it and redrawing it over and over

guilty gear characters are such a pain to draw, man. they're just so weird and very detailed. granted, bridget is generally one of the less detailed designs in the series, but still. hopin my boi comes back in gg strive, i enjoyed playing him in +r.

i'm cautiously optimistic for guilty gear strive, especially now that my gurl ram is in (now we just need elphelt and jack-o to complete the ultimate trifecta of degeneracy). i have my issues with the general design philosophy they're going for with the new game, but i never got the chance to play the beta or play the game at any events they showed it off in, so i'll reserve my criticisms until i play it.

also who thought it was a good idea to give me 1500 characters to ramble with what's wrong with you people

what exactly is the standard for "sensitive media" on mastodon? i'd normally mark it for things that could either easily offend someone or are just really lewd, but i've seen bots that just have these innocent sfw yuri images of girls holding hands or headpats or something marked as "sensitive" and i just think, who the fuck is up in arms about this? who is looking at headpat pictures and thinking, "how dare thee disgrace my timeline with such degeneracy!"

i think mastodon might be bad for me. it allows me nearly double the space for me to talk that twitter does, so i now have the freedom to bore everyone to tears with my pointless thoughts every time i post art. someone stop me from going mad with power.

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would you all like a glimpse at what my bad art looks like? well here ya go.

sometimes you have to experiment and create things you're unsure of. it may not be what you want, but it's valuable in improvement. and for me, experimenting is... drawing things other than sinful images of anime women. instead, it's a sinful image of a devil man! scary!!!

this is the type of shit i typically don't upload anywhere, but i've been focusing less on art lately and wanted to post something.

Figured I'd actually post something on this Mastodon thing since I haven't made much use of it. Attempting to get better at painting lately, so here's a Yuugi I did a couple days ago.


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