Hi, I'm Tori, I'm a digital artist and I enjoy drawing for the animes/games I'm into and also do some OC art from time time

@Toriko_Hana Your artwork is always so amazing! I really love the B&W piece! Amazing color choices! The shading and gradients are just wonderful!

(I am still working on my FE 3 Houses Play though.. Playing suuper slow! :pkm079:​ )

@emuz Thank you!! The B&W was something I wanted to try for a long time, good to know it looks good :>

(don't worry, the important thing is to enjoy the game after all)

@Toriko_Hana Looks amazing! I hope you try the style out again in the future! :nsmile:​ (I have an affinity for B&W since all my traditional photography was in B&W)

For sure. I'll get there eventually. The only deadline I have is Pokémon SWSH.. so I got plenty of time! :)

Welcome Tori!!! your art is very clean and soft, I like it!

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