Possible spoilers 

@Toriko_Hana Indeed. I wish she would have been a unit so we had more time lol.

Berine and Sothis are my two favorites.. but she would be too simply due to design.. and I like a lot of the bad guys. (I like the Krona design too!)

re: Possible spoilers 

@emuz Yeah I feel like she could have been a really fun unit :(

Bernie is really cute after time skip, and also screams less which I appreciate a lot skcjdj
My favs are the blue lions kids basically, I love them

re: Possible spoilers 

@Toriko_Hana Indeed. I don't think Monica is even programmed as a playable unit in the game.. even Sothis was lol.

Lol I understand why she does what she does. It's very true to life with her backstory so the screaming never bothered me any. (left ambiguous if you haven't done the Black Eagles route/Supports)

Poor Dudue. I don't think there was a char in the houses I didn't like. I even grew to like Seteth quite alot! If we had good 3Hs emotes we should add a few here! 🤔​

re: Possible spoilers 

@emuz Maybe in a DLC (?) like the death night

I don't have all her supports but I have an idea, I also started playing again with japanese voices and now I miss her english one, she wasn't that annoying afterall

All of them are good charas, but you need to get a lot of their suppoerts so you get to know them
That would be nice!

re: Possible spoilers 

@Toriko_Hana Yeah.. DLC is nice as it can be non canon too.

Lol. I liked the english casting on this one.. they did a good job. I've yet to try the Japanese out. (I will eventually)

Absolutely! I love how they all have depth and even "The red emperor" (We both know who it is.. but I like being vague anyway).. has their reasons and you get that. They did a good job with the characters, backstories and all the supports play off of each char so well! Glad I played the game!

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