@Toriko_Hana Really nice! I love the eyes.. Very colorful with a sharp look. Lovely! I am really glad you are working more with OCs! They are all so awesome! 💚​

@emuz Thank you! I'm trying new things for coloring eyes :>
Thank you so much!! I know most want to see fanarts but I hope more get interested in them eventually

@Toriko_Hana I hope so too! I'm all for more OCs and I hope you continue to make artwork of your OCs! 💚​ Every one you've shared so far has been super awesome! :nhappy:

@emuz I will! I really enjoy drawing them and thank you!! It makes me really happy to know someone likes my kids ;u;

@Toriko_Hana But of course! I am really looking forward seeing more! 💚​

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