@emuz I will! I really enjoy drawing them and thank you!! It makes me really happy to know someone likes my kids ;u;

@emuz Thank you! I'm trying new things for coloring eyes :>
Thank you so much!! I know most want to see fanarts but I hope more get interested in them eventually

re: Possible spoilers 

@emuz Maybe in a DLC (?) like the death night

I don't have all her supports but I have an idea, I also started playing again with japanese voices and now I miss her english one, she wasn't that annoying afterall

All of them are good charas, but you need to get a lot of their suppoerts so you get to know them
That would be nice!

re: Possible spoilers 

@emuz Yeah I feel like she could have been a really fun unit :(

Bernie is really cute after time skip, and also screams less which I appreciate a lot skcjdj
My favs are the blue lions kids basically, I love them

@emuz Thank you! and no orz I have looked for one but still haven't found one that fit him :(

Saihara and Ouma wearing clothes I saw 2 girls wearing some time ago

@emuz Yes, I really bad with names too _(:'3_/ but I hope the next time I post something about him he will already have one, and thank you❤️​

@emuz Thank you!! I really wanted to capture his crybaby face
I want to be better with backgrounds but it will take some time
Thanks again ^^

@emuz Thank you!! The B&W was something I wanted to try for a long time, good to know it looks good :>

(don't worry, the important thing is to enjoy the game after all)

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Our server's wonderful hero image of @emuz's was illustrated by @Toriko_Hana! Their names are Noriko (standing) and Rika (sitting). You can see more of Toriko's artwork at their twitter page: https://twitter.com/Toriko_Hana (Thanks again Torikohanna! 💚)

Hi, I'm Tori, I'm a digital artist and I enjoy drawing for the animes/games I'm into and also do some OC art from time time

@emuz Thank you ;u; I hope I can learn how to use the site soon kfjbvyf


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