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I'm Emuz. I'm very much one who has trouble talking about himself. I am into tech.. both vintage and modern, art ( and I like to work on [I can't draw though :nsad:​ ), and all topics emulation. I also like to work on cool things!

I run a new Masto-Glitch instance. I also run an old style web forum at

I look forward to meeting everyone on the fediverse! 💚

I'm back to give Mastodon another shot! Here's an ink drawing because I feel bad for completely skipping out on inktober this year 😅 #mastoart #ink

Costume victory: One daughter is the Lunar Lander, one an astronaut. This makes me giddy. I hope their candy sample return containers overflow.

hello! I'm Blu and i'm trying to break into fantasy book covers, pagan art and elven content! These are my Starfall Elves, learn more on #elf #fantasy #dnd #starfallelf

Hi! I'm a professional pixel artist, illustrator and animator looking for a paying project. Doesn't have to be games.

DM me or email me at
ReToots are truly appreciated. ty!

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