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I'm Emuz. I'm very much one who has trouble talking about himself. I am into tech.. both vintage and modern, art ( and I like to work on [I can't draw though :nsad:​ ), and all topics emulation. I also like to work on cool things!

I run a new Masto-Glitch instance. I also run an old style web forum at

I look forward to meeting everyone on the fediverse! 💚

[ t r a p p e d ]

- - -

lately i just want to run away from everything u.u

#mastoart #oc #me #art

dear new mastodon people,

why you should consider my artwork for your next vocaloid etc. pv:

-I do not have commissions set up so I'll do it for $0
-according to multiple sources, my art is cute

thank you for your time

Remember to update those windows and doors! you may not know when the 'certificate of authenticity' could be a forgery! Could spell trouble for warranty repairs. :nsmirk:​ (Seriously everyone should update if you have Win 10.. just to on the safe side.)

.:: ♪ Mana Mana, tu-tuuu dududu ♫ ::.

Have a nice week Mastodon !
Believe it or not, this is how magical broom are refueled :)
- #mastoart #art #illustration #sketchy #witch -
:: Better res on website ::

A new year begins! I had a surprising chance to do something for my resolution to up my Blender game immediately...taking part in sculpt January! Let's see how far I'll come! Day 1 - Spectral character

#blender #b3d #3d #3dart #art #ghost #spectral #snow #winter #lantern #MastoArt #cartoon

To other Mastodon sysadmins: Check what pg_repack can do for you, especially if your server has been around for a really long time. PostgreSQL indexes get bloated over time and VACUUM does nothing about it. pg_repack can re-build indexes without downtime.

Pokemon! Dracovish and Runegrigus are probably my favorites from new gen

New year, New avatar!

My new avatar is a drawing of my Noriko as drawn by MAMETCHl on twitter.

I really love how cute she is!

Original Posting: :twitter: :
If you like her work check out her website as well:

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