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I'm Emuz. I'm very much one who has trouble talking about himself. I am into tech.. both vintage and modern, art ( and I like to work on [I can't draw though :nsad:​ ), and all topics emulation. I also like to work on cool things!

I run a new Masto-Glitch instance. I also run an old style web forum at

I look forward to meeting everyone on the fediverse! 💚

idk bout y'all but the new pokemon series is making me excited. i hav now adopted a new son.

My Pokémon Sword League Card:
0000 0000 TVW0 LT
(If I ever update it I'll repost it.)

Our service account has just got a #newprofilepic!

@Qixzy has made a fantastic illustration of our info angel/devil mascot! She did such an awesome job

Thank you so much Qixzy for this amazing piece! 👼 😈 💚 💜 ❤️ ​

Fanart of Gym Leader Bede from Pokemon Sword and Shield! I've grown very fond of this fairy boy.

I also made a speedpaint of this

#pokemon #pokemonfanart #myart #mastoart #SwordAndShield

I'm back to give Mastodon another shot! Here's an ink drawing because I feel bad for completely skipping out on inktober this year 😅 #mastoart #ink

Costume victory: One daughter is the Lunar Lander, one an astronaut. This makes me giddy. I hope their candy sample return containers overflow.

hello! I'm Blu and i'm trying to break into fantasy book covers, pagan art and elven content! These are my Starfall Elves, learn more on #elf #fantasy #dnd #starfallelf

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