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I'm Emuz. I'm very much one who has trouble talking about himself. I am into tech.. both vintage and modern, art ( and I like to work on [I can't draw though :nsad:​ ), and all topics emulation. I also like to work on cool things!

I run a new Masto-Glitch instance. I also run an old style web forum at

I look forward to meeting everyone on the fediverse! 💚

hello everyone! i'm Koz, some silly hobbyist artist from Russia :^)
here to write journal-like entries about my characters, general thoughts, real life and whatnot!
and a big thank you to @emuz for a warm welcome!
p.s. that's a concept art i've made for my character, still looking for a nice look for her though :^P

Third artwork I ever did with procreate. I like this more simple style.

#Geisha #GeishaArt #DigitalArt #Art #MopaniArt #MastoArt

So.. it occurred to me in my business that is life I haven't mentioned anything about .hack//Fragment here.


If you played the first 4 .hack games and thought "I'd would have loved to play that with friends online." welp.. that's what .hack//Fragment is. It's originally a Japanese only release but there are fan translations that have most of it it already translated. I've been helping the .hack//Fragment translation team with getting some graphics translated.

Requires PCSX2 with a network adapter plugin, or Modded PS2 with a network adapter kit. (All the info about how to set it up and patch the translation can be found on the main site)

@kozlick Welcome to Kafuka.ME! (Sorry for the delay. Holidays keeped most of us busy!)

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Kafuka.ME is a general instance that has a few 'highlight focuses':
and Emulation/Retro Computing!