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My new banner was brilliantly illustrated by the amazing projectTiGER on :twitter: This banner has two of my OCs, Norkio and Rika at a festival in a large city of their world. It's amazing scene and I love how there is even the smallest of details! I love all the work and love Tigera put into this!

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This drawing of my OC Noriko was done by the lovely Rittesora on :twitter: ! The soft colors and amazing work she did with the translucent sections! Noriko is ever so adorable too! I thank Ritte so much for this wonderful illustration! 💚​
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I ended up updating my league card for Pokémon Sword. Since I posted it here before I figure I'd repost the new code just to keep things up to date and in sync. I'll likely do this one more time after Crown Tundra.

League Card Code: 0000 0005 83GW LP

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I was able to work the artist Reverie AXIS on twitter. They drew my OC Noriko in this really pretty semi-lineless style. It turned out very pretty. Their use of almost blending the shadow and hilights of the hair made it super detailed. Very awesome work!

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I was lucky enough to have the chance to commission to have my OC Noriko drawn as a danganronpa sprite! (with various emotes!) I am so happy I can share them now! They look sooo good! (mastered the style!) Thank you so much CocSama for your hard work! I LOVE HOW WELL IT TURNED OUT!! 💚 💚

They are working on a Danganronpa fan game! Check it out on their profile!

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New Avatar time!

This latest illustration of my Noriko was draw by OkiComa on twitter/instagram. The vibrant use of colors is charming and really stands out! They did a WONDERFUL job! I'm very pleases with super bright and cute version of Noriko!

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:twitter:​ : <- Comparison of both my commissions with OkComa! :nhappy:

All settled on the island of Sokomura.. soon to be a village below the primary river!

My Pokémon home ID number and info in case you ever like to trade or whatnot someday: LPSHCRJFPPDA

Of course I picked up Zinnia and Rayquaza! I am quite pleased Pokémon Masters added my favorite trainer from the whole series! Glad to see Zinnia once again! (Wasn't too hard to get, but to max her and Rayquaza is a huge grind. Lol Still not a fan of F2P.. but I can't complain too much!)

New year, New avatar!

My new avatar is a drawing of my Noriko as drawn by MAMETCHl on twitter.

I really love how cute she is!

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If you like her work check out her website as well:

My Pokémon Sword League Card:
0000 0000 TVW0 LT
(If I ever update it I'll repost it.)

New Profile pic! This wonderful beautifully colorful illustration of Noriko was drawn by the very talented
Mimi N: ! I adore how amazing and charming it turned out! (Noriko looks very happy here! 💚💚)

I thank Mimi for doing such a wonderful job! Please do check her out!

This month's avatar is the Halloween Noriko drawn by the amazing 🐦​ ! She's dressed up as a Jiang Shi which is mythological creature that is reanimated from the dead.

Noriko having a strong sense of humor loves costumes that play off who she is! (This time it's of her reanimate state! I wonder what she'll dress up next? So many options!)

I guess he/she sees all knows all! I just can't get the feeling of having their eyes peer through to the ends of my soul.

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