All settled on the island of Sokomura.. soon to be a village below the primary river!

My Pokémon home ID number and info in case you ever like to trade or whatnot someday: LPSHCRJFPPDA

Of course I picked up Zinnia and Rayquaza! I am quite pleased Pokémon Masters added my favorite trainer from the whole series! Glad to see Zinnia once again! (Wasn't too hard to get, but to max her and Rayquaza is a huge grind. Lol Still not a fan of F2P.. but I can't complain too much!)

New year, New avatar!

My new avatar is a drawing of my Noriko as drawn by MAMETCHl on twitter.

I really love how cute she is!

Original Posting: :twitter: :
If you like her work check out her website as well:

My Pokémon Sword League Card:
0000 0000 TVW0 LT
(If I ever update it I'll repost it.)

New Profile pic! This wonderful beautifully colorful illustration of Noriko was drawn by the very talented
Mimi N: ! I adore how amazing and charming it turned out! (Noriko looks very happy here! 💚💚)

I thank Mimi for doing such a wonderful job! Please do check her out!

This month's avatar is the Halloween Noriko drawn by the amazing 🐦​ ! She's dressed up as a Jiang Shi which is mythological creature that is reanimated from the dead.

Noriko having a strong sense of humor loves costumes that play off who she is! (This time it's of her reanimate state! I wonder what she'll dress up next? So many options!)

I guess he/she sees all knows all! I just can't get the feeling of having their eyes peer through to the ends of my soul.

‪“The sky.. empty. Yet full of wonder. What new shapes the clouds may make”

Playing once more with nextspace. Even on this simple VM it runs speedy and with little hit the system. I think next time I install Linux bare metal I'll try this setup out.
Link to the project:


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