@basicbishoujo Wow.. I love the detail work with this piece! I love the rocks seem to add to the emotion of it. The colors are so impactful too! Very very lovely! 💚​

@Grimmr Welcome to Kafuka.me! I hope you enjoy your stay! As a ROM hacker from a long time ago I love those Decomp/Recomp projects. Especially if you recompile on modern systems!

The world passes you by when you are busy. Remember take a moment and find something that brings you joy and take it all in! :nhappy:

@roof Sorry I wasn't able to respond. Been busy with work.

@Qixzy is currently open. @NebulaRobo as well. Do you have style in mind?

Ah, SGDQ schedule is online. Starting August 16th.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Dog% is the only BotW run on the schedule, lol.


@nicole Hi! We are taking money from you because we are verified. If your send us bytegold we will eat it. Give us 💎​1 and we'll eat it. Give us 💎100 and we'll eat that too. We'll than send you any remaining 💩​left over. Have a day!

@nicole Indeed. Though isn't being associated with Birdy McSite suspect in it's own right? Money well spent they said! Oh well.

@NebulaRobo Amazing work as always! Such a colorful beautiful illustration! I am so happy I got to work with you!

Thank you again for your awesome work! 💚​:nhappy:

@roof Indeed! I recognize the avatar! Sorry about your other instance. Welcome!

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