idk bout y'all but the new pokemon series is making me excited. i hav now adopted a new son.

My Pokémon Sword League Card:
0000 0000 TVW0 LT
(If I ever update it I'll repost it.)

Our service account has just got a #newprofilepic!

@Qixzy has made a fantastic illustration of our info angel/devil mascot! She did such an awesome job

Thank you so much Qixzy for this amazing piece! 👼 😈 💚 💜 ❤️ ​

Fanart of Gym Leader Bede from Pokemon Sword and Shield! I've grown very fond of this fairy boy.

I also made a speedpaint of this

#pokemon #pokemonfanart #myart #mastoart #SwordAndShield

I'm back to give Mastodon another shot! Here's an ink drawing because I feel bad for completely skipping out on inktober this year 😅 #mastoart #ink

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