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Qing Han (Qinni).

Yesterday a young talented artist died of cancer.
May she always be remembered for the art she gave to the world.

#illustration #mastoart

Happy #MastoMonday! Remember: Be kind and welcoming to new folks today, and don't be afraid to post an introduction/what you're working on under the hashtag!

what if every monday, we took a lil break from twitter and shared a bunch of art and stuff all in one place on mastodon! and what if we encouraged cool people from other websites to come hang out and get to know the masto community!

every #MastoMonday, i'll be sharing a bunch of cool art i've been working on and i think it would be cool if you did too~

here's a graphic you can use to spread the word to people who might not use mastodon already :3

Is this guy again!!! DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COST!!!
I made a poster, because I hate him.
#Gravityfalls #BillCipher

I just watched the Overhaul's ark of Boku no Hero, I really like Overhaul's design, he is such a cool looking villain! I painted it with watercolours as my recent entries.

#Bokunohero #Myheroacademia #Eri #Overhaul #Overhaulanderi #watercolor

Kafuka.ME has updated to 3.1.0+glitch(+kafuka)

For the last info on all the upstream changes you can find them here:
🔗 Mastodon:
🔗 Glitch-SOC and Kafuka changes:

Thank you!
-Kafuka.ME Staff

*spends hours drawing a pokemon trainer version of a warrior cat oc* ha ha i'm an adult!
anyway here's deerberry as a pkmn trainer,, i'll probably draw more rustclan cats as trainers bc i love them !!

#art #mastoart #pokemon #warriors #oc #deerling #glameow #cherubi

Of course I picked up Zinnia and Rayquaza! I am quite pleased Pokémon Masters added my favorite trainer from the whole series! Glad to see Zinnia once again! (Wasn't too hard to get, but to max her and Rayquaza is a huge grind. Lol Still not a fan of F2P.. but I can't complain too much!)

-ˏˋ⋆ c o m m i s s i o n ; ; @emuz ⋆ˊˎ-
↳ speedpaint:

working for emuz has been a pleasure, as always 💚
i had a lot of fun designing this for noriko!

Here are the first 3 pieces of my Llamacalypse series✨

It’s a series of illustrations based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse💀⚔️🧑‍🚀
Here are Death, War and Conquest. Only one more left! :D

#mastoart #creativetoots #originalart #art #fantasy #myart

[ t r a p p e d ]

- - -

lately i just want to run away from everything u.u

#mastoart #oc #me #art

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