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All settled on the island of Sokomura.. soon to be a village below the primary river!

@tupiniking Welcome to Kafuka.ME! I am happy that you decided to join our small slice of the ol' fediverse! :diskkun:

@kaj Oh why hello Tierage! It's been a while! I am happy to see you found this place. Welcome to Kafuka.ME! I hope you enjoy your time with the Fediverse and let me know if you need anything!

Once again, very good to see you again, and welcome!

Introduce a new Goth/Punk villager and it gets EVERYONE'S attention. Flick is such a cutie!!

If you like what you see consider commissioning me! I'll draw you a chibi! Info here:

#AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #flick #fanart

My Pokémon home ID number and info in case you ever like to trade or whatnot someday: LPSHCRJFPPDA

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Kafuka.ME is a general instance that has a few 'highlight focuses':
and Emulation/Retro Computing!