acnh is definitely going to sell like 30 million copies

BREAKING: Covid reaches Nook's Getaway Island, Tom Nook has fucking died.

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heard two cis dudes at Marvel are introducing a pair of nonbinary heroes named (i shit you not) "Snowflake" and "Safespace". i figured i should do them a solid and design a pair of cisgender superheroes for them as well, since i know how hard up for representation cis folks are

March: haha this year can't get any worse

April 2020:

somehow my forum is rather active and not a derpboard

installed mastodon and renamed it twitter. this app is a vape pen

The Velvet Underground & Knuckles

so many damn steam sales because of the virus. that's capitalism babey

anybody else noticing a lot of sales online lately <_<

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Hey y'all. One of my closest friends Mio is struggling really hard right now as well and will not be able to work indefinitely (more info in the screenshot) and cannot afford basic necessities right now. They are trying to raise $200 & I wanted to share this to help them. Please if you can't help, let's spread the word.

Everyone is getting hit hard with the effects of covid-19 in the US and it's terrifying. Hopefully through collective effort we can pull through for each other

Nintendo Sues Apple Following DS Store Controversy

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2020 has been going fine personally its just been culturally bad

hello if u have ocs show me them. i live off peoples characters

venty, virus 

thinkin about the incorrect rainbow logo :applecomp:

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