Since I'm still new here, here is a small / .

I'm Nico, a freelance pixel artist, occasional fake 1bit photographer, floppy disk lover, cheap old camera collector and old tech enthusiast. ๐Ÿ’พโ€‹๐ŸŒฟโ€‹

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@nico_n Hello Nico, a lovely introduction. Loved the images and the interest for older technology. I have a similar interest for it too. Floppies, I still have many boxes full of them, used to buy tons when they were the current storage technology, 90s. But haven't used one in a long time now.

Have many older systems here in the house, some are so well designed and built that they really deserve preservation. Hope you have a great day. I have an account at and visit occasionally, it's a great small instance, I do recommend it.

Hello, and thank you a lot!

Being from the 90's I (sadly?) missed a lot of the floppy disk period, or at least, I don't remember using them that much.
But I felt in love with them when I bought this Sony Mavica.
This is a bulky clunky camera, definitely not comparable to the camera on my phone by any mean, but, the enjoyment I get out of it is 10 times bigger.

I like film cameras in part for their mechanical aspect and this is somewhat similar; a floppy drive is inherently mechanical and it comes with a lot of sounds and buttons, doors, bulkiness, etc.

It's definitely slower, less advanced and less convenient nowadays, but holding something heavy and somewhat mechanical is more enjoyable to me than using my phone to take pictures most of the time.
The process is slower, but
Sometimes slower is better.

So now, I use floppies when I take pictures and when I explore old boxes.


About, I'm not super active but often visit and so far I find this instance really enjoyable.
My previous instance was a really tiny one of less than 10 people, only friends; so I was looking for another small instance and so far, this place is lovely.

@nico_n Oh, sometimes when you discover older technology, the nice aspects of it might be very attractive, but the lesser side might not be so apparent.

Like vinyl records for example. I had them, and was so glad when CDs came out, since keeping LPs clean and protected from scratch damage was time consuming.

I remember washing mine on occasion, in water with some alcohol, to remove dust and any finger oils. Nowadays it's a Cult thing, lol.

Floppies, I remember using them a lot, in the 90's like I mentioned that's all we had; no USB drives, CDs were not that common for a time.

Installing an operating system from a stack of 14 p
floppies was normal.

But things change and now they might become interesting as artifacts of a past computing age. I had one huge, 8" diameter floppy -- and this one really deserved the name, as it was so thin and fragile. Older tech, from the 80's era.

Cameras are interesting, I had a Mavica at school but never used it much, Started with SLR cameras, 35 mm film, in the 70s, we processed B&W film ourselves to keep costs lower.

Now I have a couple of them here, sitting idle for years, since there's a cost to using them; digital cameras are essentially cost free unless you decide to print some image.

Have you seen or used one of the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones ? They have beautiful cameras, take great shots, even the lower priced models. And nowadays you might find one for very low cost and WP is dying as a consumer tech. Sad, as it is a superb operating system, much nicer than iOS or Android.

Glad you are enjoying, and hope that more people discover it too. Tom is doing a great job there.

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