I'm really impressed to see things like the happening.

I'm not sure if I will find time to do a little something interactive for the occasion, but I've been toying around macpaint for the last few days and oh dear, I'm loving it.

In the meantime, I've got this fantastic book around entirely made on a Macintosh in 1986. So I will post some photos of the pages. Maybe it can give you some inspiration and tips.

So, on the last post, you've got one of the most well known piece of the book, and the softwares used.

Here are some of the fantastic artworks.

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Damn, did not realized these imgs were that large.

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There are some more imgs of the last pages which details more the process of the author.
It mostly reads like super short Fullpaint tutorials.

Might try to post if you're interested.

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Should have checked earlier but the book is readable and downloadable on the internet archive:

It's quite a wild ride, surreal optimistic computer frenzy, definitely some new age esoteric cyber waves; some fantastic artworks, and some interesting art tips and tricks that might be useful for you all if you're doing the or generally are using macpaint or fullpaint.

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