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hey all! poking my nose into the fediverse beehive again, i'm nicole, she/her pronouns, i like old computers, game consoles, cats, and other random things-- feel free to follow if you like!

It’s interesting; my home office’s window faces east, so usually I have to block it in the morning; but with this haze makes it so that I can leave it open… a shame it took burning down the west coast to make it possible

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"like, zoinks scoob, you just posted cringe! you're, like, gonna loose subscriber!"

"roose rubriber???"

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Me: "Good morning!"
internet auction sellers: "MORNING - GOOD QUALITY - SLIGHTLY USED - EXTREMELY RARE, Buy It Now $499"

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(not to say that game music can't be masterpieces, that's obviously not true

just that i don't hold myself to a high standard because my game-making is based around getting something i can release)

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writing music is a lot of fun

i think a big part of this is because it's incidental music for my game, i don't need to worry that each one is a masterpiece, so instead of obsessive polish i just think "that sounds nice" and move on

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ugh my neo geo scart cable doesn't work anymore

it was always finicky

technically nsfw? 

combine the two V810 consoles to create the FX Boy, which displays MJPEG hentai in four shades of red

it's kind of funny how things happen

i didn't work from the couch because i used two monitors and liked being able to see multiple files side by side

but to fit a monitor from work at my tiny quarantine desk setup, i needed to put it on its side

therefore, i had to get used to splitting my editor horizontally rather than vertically

and a horizontal split editor is easier to use without a separate monitor than a vertical split editor is

and now i work from the couch more often

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It kind of annoys me that Mastodon hides the protocol in links in your profile...

I guess it's just because my domain doesn't force you to use HTTPS (because I might want to try to access it on retro hardware one day) so I keep thinking I forgot to use the https link


that's all.

you may resume scrolling

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Remember to praise your catgirl often and give her lots of headpats

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