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hey all! poking my nose into the fediverse beehive again, i'm nicole, she/her pronouns, i like old computers, game consoles, cats, and other random things-- feel free to follow if you like!

oh damn, the living computers museum in seattle is closing for good; i tried to go there once but they were having a private event, now i guess i'll never get to try again

bah the only reason i keep this corporate spybox in my living room is to send spot¡fy to my speakers, if that's not going to work i should just replace it with a cd player and buy cds

do any cd players support single-track repeat? that's a common thing with those right i don't know my only cd players are video game consoles

good morning

guess who had *another* early morning false fire alarm

do i just give off a field that breaks any fire alarms in the vicinity

meowwww very rough night sleep-wise but i am awake now

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Doctor says, ‘Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.’ Man bursts into tears. Says, ‘But doctor…”Pagliacci” just means “clowns”. You’re telling me the great clown “Clowns” is in town. Great advice, Dr. Dottori’

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translation: good morning

huh, the pc engine has different vram formats for its sprites and background tiles... never heard of a console doing that before (they're both 4bpp too)

Decided to rotate my work monitor... I wonder if this is good or not, I guess I'll see

I need to posts things here other than "good morning"

also, good morning

Good morning!

Fun fact: February 30, 2030 is not a valid date. Can you tell why?

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you know, I think this current project is the first thing I've ever seriously written in C (as opposed to test programs to try out buffer overflows)

today is a "put pajamas on at 1:30 day" for me, hope you understand, i will not be taking questions at this time

oh man will I have to add PCX support to terraformer? exciting stuff

good morning

it's too warm, and tomorrow it will probably be too cold

new england why are you always like this

good morning! i took today off of work and i needed that

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