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hey all! poking my nose into the fediverse beehive again, i'm nicole, she/her pronouns, i like old computers, game consoles, cats, and other random things-- feel free to follow if you like!

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I do not wish to "rate" an "app" ever, in my life

oh I forgot i had this account

hi i guess

sorry emuz i am the worst admin

a really frustrating thing on this site is that people will retoot loud condemnations of something without any context or description

like i don't know what good that does; it certainly doesn't make me want to keep coming back

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Successfully got a custom SGB border loaded. I will not be accepting artistic criticism at this time due to the fact that it’s already perfect

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I had no idea Super 3D Noah's Ark SNES source code was out there. And with it a complete set of tools as well, all for DOS. Including TED5, id Software's map editor with all the settings intact for Noah3D.

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co-worker... or cow orker?!

really makes you think

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So I just noticed that according to the box, my 3D printer is not sensitive to water, it's just afraid of wet

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I used to think the 30 under 30 was a respectable institution that prioritized the right things and said a lot about you if you managed to make it on it; but now that I am exactly 30 years old I realize that it is bankrupt, foolish, and probably also did global warming somehow

Just realized that I bought my cat a nice dinner for Thanksgiving, but didn't buy myself anything special-- lol

playing pc-fx games and watching anime

my full weeb powers are returning

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Bananas are slightly radioactive due to certain caesium isotopes. Therefore you should never eat more than 600 bananas per second to minimze the risk of a harmful radiation dose.

Original tweet :

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that's right... i organised the gender reveal party today. and unless my demands are met, i shall be revealing more genders

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If you're still undecided which console to go with this generation, people have figured out that they can float ping-pong balls on the Series X vent... so I think we have a clear winner.

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Good morning I took last week off work but it didn’t feel like a vacation and now I have to go back on the pile

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oh you like animal crossing? name all the animals you've crossed

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