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hey all! poking my nose into the fediverse beehive again, i'm nicole, she/her pronouns, i like old computers, game consoles, cats, and other random things-- feel free to follow if you like!

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[Dracula at the blood donation drive]

nurse: Have you ever had any sexual contact with a man?

Dracula: What is a man?!

nurse, sighing heavily: Sorry, sir. Have you ever had any sexual contact with a miserable little pile of secrets?

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on #MAR10Day i would like to remind you that emulating the old super mario brothers games on your personal computer is perfectly fine and acceptable

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pleased to announce that i was the winner of the Nintendo PlayStation auction and will be featuring it in the premiere video on my new industrial shredder ASMR YouTube channel


cw: death threats (but only in a dream) 

I put Alien Crush and Devil's Crush on my virtual pinball machine; unfortunately, playing them with the same controls and same screen I use for modern pinball drives home how bad the physics are, I never really noticed before :x

(also a 4:3 screen on the middle of a 9:16 playfield monitor looks super silly but what did you expect)

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you know the words
You can join in too

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The existence of badminton implies the existence of the vastly superior goodminton.

If you're curious about the pinball table, I wrote a blog post

And if you're curious about the cat... well, I did write a post on that too last year :p

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Legend has it that Mithridates the Great (135–63 BC) was so paranoid of being poisoned that he took small doses throughout his life to build up an immunity.

When he was eventually captured by the Romans, he tried to kill himself with poison, but failed due to to his immunity.

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new year, new toot. this is it. this is the new toot. hope you liked it and see you in 2021!

can't believe i haven't tooted all milennium, wow

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We got another awesome illustration of our mascot from the amazing art @Qixzy! This is the first time the mascot as been drawn in full and the results are awesome! Thank you for this super cute illustration!

You can see even more of her artwork on her Patreon:

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