It kind of annoys me that Mastodon hides the protocol in links in your profile...

I guess it's just because my domain doesn't force you to use HTTPS (because I might want to try to access it on retro hardware one day) so I keep thinking I forgot to use the https link

There's a part in Space Ava 201 where I need to make a fake OS screen. Initially, I was just going to rip off LCARS, but then I realized: the Amalgamation of Worlds is much more advanced than the Federation. They'd surely have developed a substantially more modern UI paradigm.


I wrote a followup to my earlier LaserActive blog post on the Sega PAC; I thought it was interesting, but apparently Dexter found it super-boring and fell asleep :(

New blog post! On a technically interesting but gameplay wise quite boring console! A furry cat is not impressed!

It's very cool to have a cartridge of a game I made; thanks pumpkinsareholy@twitter for the art!

I found a strange bootleg SNES game at a thrift store today! And for some reason, wrote a blog post!


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and Emulation/Retro Computing!