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Sometimes I imagine showing 2020 headlines to myself circa 2015, and asking past me what kind of surrealistic hellscape has/will come to pass.

good morning everyone!

what is sleep?

yay I finally have a desk again rather than having to work from a shelf with a piece of foamboard on it as a desktop

Me: "I'm going to get work done and start the day well!"
Work: "Lol everything's down you can't do anything"
Me: "...oh"

Good morning a furry cat has taken to poking me in the face with his claws if I’m asleep in the morning and he wants attention

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help i'm sleepy

also i want to use this account more but am not sure what to post here

on the other hand, maybe beating myself up is the only way i get anything done

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me: spends the whole day coding at work, gets in japanese practice, starts a new song on the organ

also me: ahhhhh i'm so unproductive ;_;

seriously nicole stop doing this

food (being eaten by a cat) 

dexter tried to eat some cheese I gave him but somehow instead managed to knock it on the floor directly into his water bowl

this cat makes me look competent by comparison

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I wrote a followup to my earlier LaserActive blog post on the Sega PAC; I thought it was interesting, but apparently Dexter found it super-boring and fell asleep :(

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such a shame that CDE while somehow still working in 2020 has too many security issues to use for real because it's still so dang beautiful i mean just look at it

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castlevania sprite (so, pretty horny) 

transition goals

Got some DSA keycaps on my keyboard; it's pretty neat and I think I like this profile a lot, though they're opaque so the interaction with the RGB backlighting is interesting; I can only see it when I type, so it's like they light up

New blog post! On a technically interesting but gameplay wise quite boring console! A furry cat is not impressed!

good morning i saw a snowflake this is unacceptable

I have one too many games for my boxed master system and genesis games to sit on the same shelf

Since the boxes are all the same size it would look really nice, this is very frustrating

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